No one is born with the ability to effortlessly read from a teleprompter and appear to be just talking. It is a skill that is honed through many years of experience. Still, there are short cuts to attaining anchor proficiency. It is all about the tricks of the trade. 

Don't waste your time listening to college journalism professors who never anchored a major market newscast in their life. If you want to be a real television news anchor, or just sound like one, learn from those who know what they are talking about.

All anchoring and reporting techniques listed here are 100% FREE to anyone who wants to learn.

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Anchoring a TV Newscast is very different than reporting for one. Anchoring involves very different skills than reporting. It is far more complex than simply reading and looking good. Anchors must be effective communicators while multitasking and processing an avalanche of information constantly bombarding them.

Don't try to sound like a television news anchor. Forget all the movie images and stereotypes you observed over the years. If you try to change your voice and delivery to sound like what you think an anchor sounds like, you will appear ridiculous. Good anchors deliver the news in a sincere and believable way. You still need to project and deliver with authority, but it should be in a natural way.

Connect with your stories. Anchors don't read, they communicate. You should know your material and be thinking about what you are saying while telling the story. If you are too focused on the words in front of you, it will sound like you are reading. If your teleprompter goes out, you will not know what you are talking about. Check out to learn more about On Buy .

Think about the story you are telling and you will be able to talk about it with confidence even if something goes wrong. Since things always go wrong during live newscasts, it is important for all anchors to develop ad lib skills. Read more on this on our Reading a Teleprompter page.


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